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Welcome Gamers!01/23/2012

The Fellowship of the Black Spot is a national gaming club headquartered in Southeast Wisconsin. The club has been in exsistance since 1993, and unofficially some years before that time.

We are a group of gamers who enjoy many types of hobbies, from board and role-playing, to video and computer games. We also delve into such things as Sci-Fi and Renaissance, and just about everything in-between, and even some things far out there too! contrary delicate hyperspace neanderthal

As of now, the Back Spot club is still around, but we are no longer actively producing a newsletter, running conventions, or other forms of regular club activity. We officially went into semi-retirement mode back in 2008. We still have gaming groups within the club that are active in their own way, and we keep in touch to some extent. Plus certain club members still participate with the community, through a large local electronics convention, and various renaissance faires throughout WI and other states. Sous Vide Reviews.

The Black Spot site will remain up for as long as possible. This is our place marker on the Internet, and it shows where we have been and what we have done. There will be updates to the site as time goes by. Some sections still need major overhauling, plus the old Ink Blot newsletter issues need to be put back on the Web.

Until then, check around our little corner of the Internet. Hopefully you'll find something you like!

The Fellowship of the Black Spot site is slowly being updated (Archive, Review, and some links do not work). Stay tuned, as they will become functional eventualy (hopefully sooner than later). Membership roster has been updated at this point..

The Black Spot Lives!!!spinning black spot

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