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Welcome to The Fellowship of the Black Spot Club Info page. Here you will find various information about our club – from our very beggining, to our current state of mind.

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The Fellowship of the Black Spot is a group of gamers who get together to have a good time and enjoy our favorite hobbies in the company of our peers. These hobbies range from board to role-playing games, video to computer games, and almost any type of gaming we can find! Many of us are avid movie fans too, and love watching the likes of Doctor Who and similar shows.

As of late 2008, most forms of activity within the club have stopped. We no longer produce a newsletter, run conventions, or other forms of club activities that we used to do. In simple terms, the club has reverted back to it's founding members, with a small following of honorary members that were with us as of 2008.

Club members still play various games in Wisconsin and other States, plus a few of us still participate in a local electronics game show, but the main focus of what our group used to do only exists on this website now. Someday we may reform as an active club and be more engaged in the gaming community again, but for now, this website remains as a landmark on the Internet for the Fellowship of the Black Spot gaming club. Long live the Black Spot!

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The Fellowship of the Black Spot originated around late 1988 in Brookfield, Wisconsin, were we met to play Dungeon & Dragons. We were not officially the Fellowship back then, but that is where the founding members first met. After a couple of years gaming together, Dave Flemming, Todd Penwell, and Daniel Cunningham finally convinced the rest of the original founding members (Tom Flemming, Erica Woollums and John Brunette) to form a gaming club. (Note that Dave Konkol joined the founding members a short while later). Finally in April of 1993, after a couple weeks of discussion about a name, we all agreed on Fellowship of the Black Spot.

Why The Fellowship of the Black Spot? Well, that is an somewhat interesting story.

"It all started in the late 1980s, with the exact date not known anymore. There was a particular player whose character got into a bad trap. Being the nice guy that I was (for the most part), I tried to help out. Somehow I ended up in the trap with the other character in the game, and in trying to get out I almost lost my character's life and did lose my pet familiar. So what does the other person do, completely deserts my character's burnt husk of a body and loots the room that the trap emptied into."

"After escaping the trap, I got this crazy idea to pay that person back. The thought came from one of my favorite movies, 'Treasure Island.' I remembered the opening scene with the blind, peg-legged pirate giving an old sea dog a folded piece of crumpled parchment. When the old pirate opened the parchment, he beheld a horrible black spot, which filled him with such dread that he fell dead on the spot (pun intended)."

"So, finding great humor in this, I decided that my character would slip the other person the 'Black Spot' as a kind of 'thanks a lot for helping me out, jerk!' Of course this was meant as a joke, never to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this player took it way too seriously, much to enjoyment of everyone else."

"Well, to make this story short, the players in our group never completely let me forget about this to this very day. I don't mind either, cause it's added a lot of humor to the game at times."


Note: We were almost The Fellowship of the Flaming Halfling. We felt that this name could possibly cause a misunderstanding about who we are and what we stand for as a gaming club, thus the change to the Black Spot. (Mind you, we don't care, but image is everything in this mixed up, crazy world we live in.)

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The Black Spot was active for longer than most clubs that we can remember, and we've seen a lot of gaming clubs come and go. As of July, 2008, the Fellowship of the Black Spot has returned to where it originated from. And that is the original founding members, many of which are still playing some version of D&D in their basements to this day! We still honor those that stuck with us in the end, and have them in our member roster as honorary Black Spot members. We are not accepting anymore members, except for possible special occasions, and those will be rare. What money the club did have in the end was divided up and given to those club members who actually helped with the club over the years (and by help, we mean more than just a drop in a bucket kind of thing). Smithtown Full Service Landscaping

That being said, the Black Spot website will remain, for as long as possible. This is our marker on the Internet, showing what we were, and what we are currently. Whether we rise again from our own ashes is something we cannot predict, but there is always that slight chance. Only time will tell.hand therapy equipment

Here's to what was! We hope that those who were with us even for a short while had fun, through the conventions and game days we ran, or by just being members of our club. It was a fun ride during our peak years back in the 90′s. We don't think we will pass that way again (but we cannot predict the future).